The Word of the Prophet

The flicker of the masterscope solidified into a golden ember, casting its light on my sanctum. Restlessness had jolted my bones through the night, eyes wide in darkness, absorbing the scritch-scratching noises that scraped from the opposite side of the wall. The scritch-scratching stopped, then continued. I rose from my mould in the stone and cut a tally in the floor, counting thirty-one marks since the masters last entered my sanctum—today marked the end of the cycle. Continue reading The Word of the Prophet

Fate Lies in a Dagger

Shaving one morning, his steamed skin awash in the scent of his mother’s tobacco, Nadie blinked into the mirror to discover he was under attack. His first thought — god must have run out of faces. Of all ugly mugs that could possibly curtain the front of his murderer’s skull, this guy bore an identical face to the one Nadie wore… Continue reading Fate Lies in a Dagger


ontology there is something in you that is you no matter how much of it you give it is still in you there is something all around you that would not be what it is without you to relate with the limitless lives within it have defied the impossible odds to be everything relies on … Continue reading Ontology


Silence before she played each note she listened closely to the others eyes closed she mapped the grand shape of their sound in her head and she composed against the gap she knew music sound is about silence Continue reading Silence


  faces you cannot tell a man by his face you may only tell how the world will treat a man god willing if you’re a woman the greatest shame is how long it may take us to learn that our faces are nothing but translucent filmic microsheets transmogrified to weapons to cause pain Continue reading Faces