When the Piano was a Casket

The story below was originally published in Issue #33 of Little Patuxent Review in the winter of 2023. The story goes that a nineteen-year-old Sergei Rachmaninoff dreamt he saw a coffin in the corner of an open room. As one does when in a room with nothing but a sealed coffin, he encroached the wooden … Continue reading When the Piano was a Casket


From verses written as letters, to the pencil-scratching back-track, to its dramatic delivery and its exploration of obsessed fandom, Eminem’s “Stan” remains revolutionary. Here’s my ripoff of one of the most original works of my lifetime. Continue reading Stan

Clair de Lune

At some point, the music lost its meaning for me. When I heard a pianist play this piece, it broke me. I promised myself I would learn it immediately, but I misjudged the challenge. I was cocky— I demanded instant gratification. In this regard I failed. For two years, the piano and I grew apart. When … Continue reading Clair de Lune