The Word of the Prophet

The flicker of the masterscope solidified into a golden ember, casting its light on my sanctum. Restlessness had jolted my bones through the night, eyes wide in darkness, absorbing the scritch-scratching noises that scraped from the opposite side of the wall. The scritch-scratching stopped, then continued. I rose from my mould in the stone and cut a tally in the floor, counting thirty-one marks since the masters last entered my sanctum—today marked the end of the cycle. Continue reading The Word of the Prophet

Fate Lies in a Dagger

Shaving one morning, his steamed skin awash in the scent of his mother’s tobacco, Nadie blinked into the mirror to discover he was under attack. His first thought — god must have run out of faces. Of all ugly mugs that could possibly curtain the front of his murderer’s skull, this guy bore an identical face to the one Nadie wore… Continue reading Fate Lies in a Dagger

Love Comes Tumbling Down

Per the Editors at Five on the Fifth: “A beautifully-written and touching story about an unlikely love that withstands the test of time. Wonderfully nuanced with just the right balance of humor and heartbreak, “Love Comes Tumbling Down” tells the story of two people who cross paths one night by pure chance and their lives become connected in a way neither one of them expected! Don’t miss out on this beautiful yet unlikely love story!” Continue reading Love Comes Tumbling Down