Clair de Lune

At some point, the music lost its meaning for me. When I heard a pianist play this piece, it broke me. I promised myself I would learn it immediately, but I misjudged the challenge. I was cocky— I demanded instant gratification. In this regard I failed. For two years, the piano and I grew apart. When … Continue reading Clair de Lune

Love Comes Tumbling Down

Per the Editors at Five on the Fifth: “A beautifully-written and touching story about an unlikely love that withstands the test of time. Wonderfully nuanced with just the right balance of humor and heartbreak, “Love Comes Tumbling Down” tells the story of two people who cross paths one night by pure chance and their lives become connected in a way neither one of them expected! Don’t miss out on this beautiful yet unlikely love story!” Continue reading Love Comes Tumbling Down