When the Piano was a Casket

The story below was originally published in Issue #33 of Little Patuxent Review in the winter of 2023. The story goes that a nineteen-year-old Sergei Rachmaninoff dreamt he saw a coffin in the corner of an open room. As one does when in a room with nothing but a sealed coffin, he encroached the wooden … Continue reading When the Piano was a Casket

The Word of the Prophet

The flicker of the masterscope solidified into a golden ember, casting its light on my sanctum. Restlessness had jolted my bones through the night, eyes wide in darkness, absorbing the scritch-scratching noises that scraped from the opposite side of the wall. The scritch-scratching stopped, then continued. I rose from my mould in the stone and cut a tally in the floor, counting thirty-one marks since the masters last entered my sanctum—today marked the end of the cycle. Continue reading The Word of the Prophet