To My Now Ex-Lover

To my now-ex lover Madison, When we first met two years ago, I had no expectations. With each day, I became more enamored by your beauty. I could not help but love you— I still love you to this day. But there are so many places that I wish to go, and you seem to … Continue reading To My Now Ex-Lover


From verses written as letters, to the pencil-scratching back-track, to its dramatic delivery and its exploration of obsessed fandom, Eminem’s “Stan” remains revolutionary. Here’s my ripoff of one of the most original works of my lifetime. Continue reading Stan


The poem below originally appeared in Yellow Chair Review in 2016. Exhale I became a poet in the moment that the knifepoint pierced my thigh. One bolt of lightning, one crystal bullet, one expiration, one life, one prickled pinpoint of steel like starshine forever scrambled my private universe. Nuclear holocausts, atomic bombs, space exploration and … Continue reading Exhale